Torqed Trivia Contest

To celebrate the publication of my new young adult book, Torqed: The Quest for Earth, I will be holding Trivia Contests with the e-book as the prize. You obviously don’t need to have read the book to get the answers. What would be the point of winning a book you’ve already read, right? The questions will be about Fun Facts related to the book. Depending on the response, I plan to run new contests every month.

To enter, post your answers here. They will be submitted for moderation. I will post the comments and announce the winner here. The winner will receive a coupon to download the book for free.

When you post, I’ll need your first name and just last initial for privacy, your age, and your email address so I can send you a coupon if you win. I’ll be using ages for tie breakers. Sometimes it will be the youngest, or the oldest, or the one in the middle, so fibbing about your age doesn’t give you an advantage. So there!

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This months contest will end December 31, 2011

Here’s the question:

In Torq, there are four interstellar vessels related to books or authors– The Annabel Lee, The Hugovernig, The Queequeg’s Coffin and The Demeter. What is the significance of these names?

Good Luck


I know, this might be a strange first real entry for a blog. I should introduce myself first. Hi! How are ya?

I was thinking about movies and my books as movies. I’m a very visual person. So okay, who would direct and who would act in my books/movies?

Torqed is the young adult humorous science fiction, dark fantasy, fairy tale mashup I’m working on now and it was easy to hire a director and actors in my head for that one.

Directed by:

Terry Gilliam. Gilliam, if you’re not familiar, did the cartoons in Monty Python. He also is responsible for bringing us Brazil, Time Bandits and Baron Munchausen to name a few.

I could picture in Gilliam style, Torq, who knows of Earth only through fairy tales, imagining what Earth dragons might look like flying out of a forest, coming toward him across the tundra of his home world, breathing green clouds of bad breath. He doesn’t believe real dragons breath fire. How does Torq imagine the beautiful Human princesses, when the only Humans he has ever known are his father, a bushy bearded space pirate, and himself? And, Torq is only part human. I can see a distorted nightmare of Torq on his first visit to a spaceport, where the lights are too bright and the throngs of noisy people, all taller than he is, crowd in on him. Yeah, I think Gilliam has the vision.


Torq should be some unknown — a sweet-faced, red-headed young actor (15-17) with a touch of fox about him.

Torq’s father, Xavier Vandermellonhearst and his three brothers: Jeff and Beau Bridges in dual roles each.

Nole au Zhu, the former temple dancer priest now turned buyer and un-swindler: Eugene Hutz

Torq’s Mother: Kherragh: Maybe Winona Ryder bald.

Uncle Dag, Kherragh’s brother: Dennis Quaid

Lonnie, the android: Kathleen Turner’s voice

Dr Murrow, the evil geneticist turned restauranteur: Cee-Lo Green

Aunt Glimmer, the 104 year old aunt who likes to have fun: Cloris Leachman

Raphin, the brain enhanced Greenish fringed lizard: Andy Sirkus, who else

The only major characters I haven’t cast are:

Vanilla, Torq’s ugly duckling adopted cousin and love interest who is a pretty girl under her strange make-up and clothes.

Randell, the Ninja hair stylist who is absolutely ferocious in more ways than one.

Shelley Twitchlip: The nervous nanny who is in love with Torq’s Uncle Steven

Robert and Louis Steven’s sons, the thirteen year old twins

Any ideas?

Patience is a Virtue

Welcome to my new blog.  I’m still working on it, so please be patient.  Patience is a virtue is what I was taught. I’m not sure what is gained by an over abundance of it though. And of course, there is that other saying, “Don’t hold your breath!” Please don’t it will take me longer to write a blog than any human can hold their breath and I certainly don’t want you to pass out.