Patience is a Virtue

Welcome to my new blog.  I’m still working on it, so please be patient.  Patience is a virtue is what I was taught. I’m not sure what is gained by an over abundance of it though. And of course, there is that other saying, “Don’t hold your breath!” Please don’t it will take me longer to write a blog than any human can hold their breath and I certainly don’t want you to pass out.


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  1. I have just been asked by a production company to write the screen play for one of my books, it is part one of a series of four and they are interested in acquiring the rights for all four books and want to see if I can write the screen plays. It is interesting Cynthia that you should post this right about the same time I am thinking just about that and so I would cast as Director Guy Ritchie. for the lead Vinnie Jones and as main support Jason Stratham

  2. Congratulations! What’s the story or stories about?

  3. The Blag
    The perfect Blag, is simple, clean and quietly conducted. You can’t con an honest man, thankfully there are enough dishonest men in the world.

    JC Criftin was a man with a past, one he can only barely remember, he is known as not the sharpest pencil in the box, but no one would say that to his face because he is also known as one of the most dangerous. This world is not big enough to hide if he comes after you. He was in the military he was also in prison, he wants to make enough to retire on and head off into the sun. As with all the best laid plans of mice and thingy’s JC’s went tits up soon out of the box, but what all failed to realise is just how dangerous and tenacious JC Criftin was.

    For Queen & Country 4QNC

    What makes a man become a machine? Conditioning and training are the short answers in this prequel we see how JC became so dangerous.

    The Cold war was played out on the battle field of Europe but what makes the pawns play in a game where they are expendable, and replaceable, what motivates them to do For QUEEN AND COUNTRY those things they would not normally do or consider? Training and Conditioning, a Military description of brainwashing. In the book the Blag we see JC Criftin do things that surprise, here we see how and what he went through on the path to those events. This the first of the three prequels describes the training and the selection of spies 4QNC. The Cold War very nearly became a very hot war in 1983 because of the work of covert operatives and some incredible luck a full scale nuclear war in September 1983 was averted, pay back is a bitch as the saying goes, and the British Paid back, the result was the fall of the wall in 1989 these prequels deal with the events of the years between 1983 and the Blag.

    The Stasi Years
    After training JC Criftin deploys across the Iron Curtain to work in the east. He is now Marco Esser a Captain in the Stasi

    State Security Police was the feared Stasi of the GDR, the successor organisation to the Gestapo, HSDV XIII was the most feared of all the departments, The Devil himself turned up for work one day and Captain Marco Esser was his name. After the fall of the wall he will become Germany’s most wanted man, for murder, crimes against humanity and many others criminal charges. In the East his name is still spoken of in hushed and feared terms, just in case he ever came back. The official line was he killed himself after the fall of the wall, but how can you be sure the Devil can be killed by himself or anyone else for that matter. Even the Soviet KGB files indicated that they were glad that the Devil worked if not for them at least with them in the East German sector. This is the true story of what he did, not just in an attempt to clear up the myth, but to give some closure to those who survived.
    Where you may read them for free.

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